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Portrait & Event Photographer 

Portrait & Event photographer


My name is Dennis Massar, 20 years old and based in The Hague, The Netherlands. I am specialised in event and portrait photography.



In 2015 I started with taking photographs with my Canon Powershot. After a couple of months I realised I wanted to go a step up higher which resulted in buying my first DSLR, which I still use!

The first thing I did was taking photos of my friends once in one or two months. With time this changed and soon I did multiple shoots a month. Gradually I became even more and more interested in photography. I bought myself more and better gear, submitted for a photography magazine and little by little I learned a lot about photography.


After a few months I got the feeling I wanted to experiment and do other kind of shoots which is how I came in contact with event photography. I saw photos of all sorts of events and I started to follow these photographers. Not so long after, my interest in event photography grew so quickly, I started with doing shoots at events as well. My first shoots were at Talentenloods, a foundation which organises open stages every two to three months for the youth and young adults. During these months I came in contact with a lot of people from all the corners of the cultural and events industry.


One year later I started with studying at the Wentink Event Academy. During my time studying there I met more people who work in the cultural and events industry. Due to this network that I have built I got the opportunity to shoot at a lot of different events such as open stages, congresses, dance shows and concerts.


Now I consider myself as a specialised photographer in portrait and event photography looking back at the portfolio I have built with my years of experience.

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